Maple Class in London

On Wednesday 13th July, Maple Class went on an overnight trip to London. We stayed in a very nice hotel on the outskirts of London and enjoyed seeing lots of great sights as part of our stay. During our time in London we went to see the Railway Children at King’s Cross theatre and also enjoyed a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe. On our final day we went to visit the Natural History Museum and had a great view of London on the London Eye.

Take a look at some of the pictures from our amazing trip ūüôā

Maple Class in London on PhotoPeach

Presentation Evening 2016

Last night¬†was our 2016 Presentation Evening, we all enjoyed a great night celebrating lots of ¬†fantastic achievements and awards. We can’t wait for our leaver’s assembly on the 20th July, take a look on our class page at some pictures of us enjoying our evening after receiving our awards.


Norbridge Memories

Norbridge has been amazing we all have had lots of memories that we will remember for a very long time. Here are a few of mine and Ewan’s memories:

In nursery our teacher was Miss Deakin she was an amazing teacher! In nursery we always played on the scooters which was alot of fun.

Another good memory from our amazing school life was in year 1 when Tyler got up in front of the class and told everyone about the force of gravity and the discovery of it .

One of my favourite memories was when I danced with the skeleton in Norbridge Ninjas which was very funny and everyone in the Norbridge Ninjas laughed hysterically.

By Tyler and Ewan

Norbridge Memories

There was this one time when all the teachers were taking a picture of everyone and i was just stood there because I had no idea what cameras were! You can still see the picture now i was wearing an orange coat and also the picture was taken in Foundation.

My first friend was a boy named Cameron and he was my friend up until foundation because he left at the end of foundation 1. Then the good thing was that a new boy joined the school and his name was Jayden and he was my friend up until year 2 so my friends were not really lasting that long up until year 2 I met this boy named Daniel then I met another friend called Adam then another one called Nicholas then one day during year 2 there was this boy who joined the school named Charlie and his first best friend was tom then so and so but the only problem was that charlie just came to Norbridge for the day and he said he would be back in year 3 and by the time we got up to year 3 he joined then up until year 4 we went on this trip called magma and then up until year 5 we went on a 4 day trip to Hathersage and we all had a great time. Then up until year 6 we went to France for 5 days then we went to Kingswood then we went to Cleethorpes which brings up until now and I am 11 years old and I am getting ready to go to Valley.

by Harrison Williams


The fun trip to Cleethorpes

On Tuesday class 6 went to Cleethorpes. We all had an amazing time. We spent 2 hours on the coach. After the toilets we headed down to the beach. When we got to the beach me and Olivia stated to build sandcastles .Then one of are class mates court a jellyfish in her bucket it was amazing then once everyone had seen it she let it go back into the sea.  After we did that, me and Olivia went into the sea it was cold at first but we got use to . Then after a while it was time for lunch.



On tuesday the 25th of june our class went on an amazing trip to cleethorpes.Firstly before we left school we did the register then we got on the coach at around 9am. Approximately 2 hours later we arived at cleethorpes the weather wasnt bad but it wasnt too good either.  We all loaded off the coach then went to the toilets.

After we had all been to the toilets we set off to go to the beech, it was only down the road from the toilets. A fiew minutes later we arrived at the beech and started to have fun. When we first got there some of us went in the brown sea while others were mainly digging holes or building sand castles. Me and Alysha  started to make a big hole then later that day we burried jack in it upto his neck. A while later i went to go in the sea when Charlie said he found something, it was a JELLYFISH he told Kaisza so then she cought it in her bucket.

A fiew hours later we burried jack in the sand upto his neck in the sand. After we had finally finished on the beech we started to pack away then went down the pier to the chip shop or as they call it the chippie. All of the class sat down on the wall with miss jackson and miss gullet while we was waiting for mr huthart and mrs bartlett to fetch us chips. When mr huthart and Mrs bartlett got back they gave us all a cone of chips each. Then miss gullet and Miss Jackson went down the line of children asking them if they want salt and vinegar then we went down to the gift shop i bought a slush a fridge magnet for my nan and rock for my grandma. When we had all been in the gift shop we set off to go back to the coach so we could go home.


On Tuesday we went to Cleethorpes on the beach. The trip to Cleethorpes was an hour and a half- it was a drag but we got there eventually.  We were all allowed to do whatever we wanted on the beach. Me, Billy and Nicholas made a large hole and built seats into it then we had lunch in it, after our lunch we went to the chippie and we sat on a wall and ate chips. Finally we went to the gift shop and I got the biggest ice-cream that they had for sale, it was 3 scoops of delicious ice cream.

Year 6 Cleethorpes Trip

On Tuesday 28th June, year 6 went on a school trip to Cleethorpes seaside. It was really good! It took about 1 hour and 30 minutes on the coach to get there. When we got there we all went to the toilet after the long journey. Soon it was time to go on the beach. The weather wasn’t too bad surprisingly as it was forecasting rain all day.

When we got the beach we all found a spot to leave our stuff and started building sandcastles, paddling in the sea and digging holes in the sand. The sand was really soft and there were lots of seashell pieces laying around.

Me and Liberty started to build a massive hill. What we was planning to do was build a big hill and then put a sandcastle on the top of it. We then started to get people offering help. First Bradley asked if we needed a hand then we started asking some people. Soon we had about six people building the massive hill. Liberty and Tyler were getting some wet sand from the bottom of the beach where the water was whilst the rest of us were building the hill. We was trying o make it really big and it took us ages to finish. I tried to build a sandcastle on top of it but it failed. We flattened the top of the hill so we had space to try again. This time Harrison tryed to put it on the top and it worked. We were all very happy that it worked!

After that we started to build a moat around. Because there was six of us it was very quick and we showed it to Mrs Bartlett and she gave us the idea to build a channel going from our moat all the way to the sea. It was really good. Then we got a seventh helper: Charlie came to help us build our channel. When the channel was about half-way finished, Jack decided to jump on the sandcastle, destroying it completely. There was just a small lump of sand left where the hill with the sandcastle was.

After that, when we left the beach, Mr Huthart and Mrs Bartlett bought us chips from the fish and chip shop. Soon it was time to go. We went to the gift shop and I bought an ice-cream, it was delicious.

Then we left Cleethorpes and came back to Norbridge.

The Cleethorpes Trip

On Tuesday the 28th of June we went on a trip to Cleepthorpes. We got partnered up and got on the bus. Hannah my partner, is travel sick so we had to sit at the front. I pulled a note pad out of my bag with some stick notes on and we wrote things on them and stuck them to¬†Miss Gullett’s back whilst¬†she wasn’t looking.

When we got there we went to the toilet, and got into partners once again. Then we crossed the road and went to the beach. When we got on the beach we emptied the bag of beach  things and played with them. I got a bucket, spade and a ball to play with. We found a huge patch of sand to use to build are sand castle, at first we gathered lots of sand to make a hill and then because the sand was a bit dry I went to get a bit of wet sand to mix in. While I was down there I saw Tyler and he started to help us and then Adam and Daniel started to help to. When had finished we made  a moat around it then we put a sandcastle on top of the hill. After a while we smashed it and me and Hannah played a few games with some other equipment.

Whilst we was still on the beach it was dinner time and we got our sandwiches out our bags. I had a Cheese, chicken and mayo wrap. It was delicious! When we had eaten we we played a bit more and then it was time to go and get some chips. We started walking to the chip shop. We sat on a wall while we were sat on the wall talking our nice teachers were getting us a cone of chips each.

When we had finished we all set off once again to go to the gift shop, (it was really a sweets shop). I got an ice-cream with two flavours one was mint and the other was rocky road chocolate. We all sat down eating our sweets and ice-creams and laughing and talking. Then after we picked up our bags and headed for the bus.